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Despite all the humans, English language, and proper British accents, it's important to remember that the Star Wars universe isn't our own. Things are different there - they have landspeeders, they order around protocol droids, and their language - although sounding similar - has words that we think we know, but really have no clue. These are 7 terms from Star Wars that don't mean what you think they mean.

7. "Sith" is a species.

7 Terms From Star Wars That Dont Mean What You Think They Mean - Image 1

The Sith are the bad-guy Force people. Everyone knows that! They're the anti-Jedi, lightning shooting, Darth-named weirdos who refuse to use anything other than red in their lightsabers. Except...well, they didn't start off as "the group of Dark Side Force-guys." They started off as a species unto themselves.

Basically, they were red-skinned humanoids with gross face-tentacles from the planet Korriban. They had a predisposition towards the Dark Side of the Force, but that wasn't what defined them. That happened once a group of human Dark Jedi happened upon the species and interbred with them for a couple thousand years. Eventually, the Sith species was pretty much bred out of existence, and Sith became synonymous with the evil, cloak-wearing dudes we know them as today.

Although, it probably would've been smart to try using any lightsaber color other than red if they wanted to not give away their allegiances immediately.

6. "Blue Milk" is bantha milk.

7 Terms From Star Wars That Dont Mean What You Think They Mean - Image 1

Remember that gross blue milk Luke drinks on Tatooine? Well it gets even grosser - that milk is actually bantha milk, a.k.a. those huge, hairy, horned buffaloes the sand people are always riding on. Yes, someone actually squeezes udders (presumably under the bantha) and some disgusting blue milk shoots out and into a bucket. Since it seems SUBSTANTIALLY more dangerous to milk an elephant-sized bantha than your average cow, one would imagine blue milk would be more of an expensive or rare commodity than Luke treats it. Then again, we don't know if pasteurization exists in the Star Wars universe, so maybe Luke just knew that blue milk swimming with bacteria wasn't worth getting stomped on.

5. "Death Stick" is a hallucinogen

7 Terms From Star Wars That Dont Mean What You Think They Mean - Image 1

If you'll recall, "Death Sticks" were introduced in Attack of the Clones, when a Death Stick-guy offered a Death Stick to Obi-Wan - who, for whatever reason, declined the Death Stick. Reminder: in this universe, there is a product that people consciously use that is called "DEATH STICK." Regardless, you would probably assume they were preachy Star Wars stand-ins for cigarettes, since - ya know - "death stick" is literally a slang term for cigarettes. But you'd be wrong.

Death sticks are actually hallucinogens. And not just any hallucinogens! These hallucinogens actually reduce your lifespan every time you use one - shortening your life more and more with each successive stick of death. Even more weirdly, the death sticks natural state was a liquid that could be added to alcohol or injected straight into your veins. And even double-weirdly, they inhibited your connection with the Force.

So: reduces your lifespan, cuts you off from the Force, and is literally named "DEATH STICKS." Cigarettes don't look so bad now, do they MOM?